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Low Frequency and High Frequency Noise in Bipolar transistors
August 2007

Jayasimha Prasad, Maxim Integrated Products (USA)

Jayasimha Prasad obtained his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University, Corvallis. For the past twenty four years, he has been engaged in developing high-speed GaAs and SiGe HBT technology. He has been with Tektronix for 12 years developing GaAs-based HBT technology for high-speed oscilloscopes. He was a Tektronix Fellow and he was the first in the world to demonstrate a 60GHz InGaP HBT IC technology with 28ps gate delay. During the past 12 years, he has been with National Semiconductor, Micrel Semiconductor and Maxim Integrated Products where he has developed SiGe BiCMOS processes for wireless and fiber optic applications which have resulted in several products.
Prior to the HBT work, Prasad has developed E2PROM processes at National Semiconductor and contributed to VMOS processes at AMI Semiconductor. Prasad is an IEEE Fellow and a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Electron Devices Society. He is member of the IEEE technical committees on Compound Semiconductor Devices, Compact Modeling and Education. He is currently serving in the IEEE Technical Field Awards Committees. Prasad has been serving in the technical committees of BCTM and IEDM. Prasad was an Adjunct Professor at Oregon State University. Currently, he is an adjunct faculty at Santa Clara University.